PHP 7.2

PHP 7.2 is available on our servers. We suggest to switch your site to this version. Thank you.

17 ינואר 2018
PHP 7 Support

We've updated our servers to PHP 7. PHP 5.6 is still available. For any questions please submit a ticket.

18 אוקטובר 2016
DNSSEC Support

Now you can use DNSSEC for your domains. Go to cPanel->Simple Zone Editor. Thank you.

12 אוקטובר 2016
MySQL --> MariaDB

This is to let you know we switched our servers from MySQL to MariaDB. Thank you.

11 יוני 2016
Happy New Year!

Everyone at PlotHost would like to wish you a happy season and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

24 דצמבר 2015
Celebrating 7 years !

We are happy to announce that on 1st August we will celebrate 7 years of business.
Thank you for choosing PlotHost !

24 יולי 2015
Moving to PHP 5.6

During the next months we will move from PHP 5.4 and 5.5 to PHP 5.6 . We'll send notices to afffected websites owners. For any details please contact us via the email or via a ticket. Thank you.

24 יולי 2015

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